Massage Services - Pricing - And Other Info

Swedish Massage


A great way to relax and unwind.  This massage is useful for increasing blood flow to aching muscles, calming the nervous system, and moving congestion out of the tissues of the body.   The client has their choice of several different aromatherapy scents to choose from.  Depending on your mood, you can either float away or invigorate your mind and body.  A perfect way to de-stress.


60 - minute session:  $60.00 

90 - minute session:  $85.00 

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Deep-Tissue Massage

Deep-Tissue Massage

Do you suffer from chronic neck tension or low back pain?  Then this massage is for you.  Allow me to work out those stubborn knots and soothe away your tension with my strong hands and knowledgeable expertise.  This is the real deal. You'll be singing my praises in no time at all.

60 - minute session:  $65.00

90 - minute session:  $95.00 

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Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is a massage modality that maps out the body on the hands and feet.  The theory follows that by massaging different points on the hands and feet, they will reflex into different body parts and help to unblock stagnant energy and waste.  This in turn helps to balance the different organ systems of the body.  Whether one believes this or not isn't the point.  Who wouldn't love to have a whole hour of having their hands and feet rubbed.  I would love it, pick me!

60 - minute session:  $60.00

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Why massage does the body good and helps with recovery...


Getting regular massages not only helps to relieve both stress and tension in the body, but it also helps to calm the nervous system and center the mind.  Massage helps to lower blood pressure and aids in the elimination of toxins from the tissues of the body.  Massage can break up tension in muscles, change chronic muscle patterning, and help increase the range of motion in a joint or muscle.  Massage is great for helping tissue heal properly after an injury and decrease an athletes down time.  Massage is like your own personal tune-up for the body.  Besides the fact that it just plain feels good. 


What better gift could you give yourself or someone you love than the gift of massage.  Everyone needs healthy therapeutic touch in their lives.  Research has proven the benefits of massage over and over. 

Who is worthy of massage and why this matters to me...

This business serves everyone.

Massage Is For Everyone:  I believe everyone is worthy of massage and I believe the world would be a much nicer place if more people received a regular massage more often than not.  That includes everyone, not just the pretty people, although, they deserve massage just as much as anyone.  Yes, that goes for skinny people, gym enthusiasts, couch potatoes, housewives, professionals, blue-collars, weekend warriors, soccer-moms,  and especially those of us who are on the fluffier side. Etcetera, etcetera.  Please stop telling yourself that you aren't worthy to get a massage just because you don't have a six pack or can't fit in a size 2 anymore.  It's ridiculous!  Love your body whatever shape it's in.  You are worthy!  When we aren't at our best that is when we need massage the most.  Any therapist worth their salt will feel this way.   Why this matters to me is because I detest bullies and people/therapists who are judgemental and have some kind of worthiness test to be in their presence.  You will not find that attitude here.   I believe all people deserve a healthy and affirming therapeutic massage; and to feel safe, cared for, worthy and relaxed.  You are all welcome on my table and you are enough.  Period!*

Open For Service provides an inclusive network aimed at promoting businesses and organizations that will not turn someone away based on sexual orientation, gender, race, disability, or political/religious affiliation. 

* I just ask that you come showered and if not you are welcome to use mine.  

The products I use, the music I play, and gift certificates...

Soothing Touch Massage Products

Massage Products:  In my practice, I use only professional grade Soothing Touch Muscle Comfort Massage Creme as my choice to do massage.  The creme is heated and is very moisturizing to your skin and will not stain your clothes.  That said, my clients are welcome to bring a massage product of their own if they have skin sensitivity issues or they just want a specfic product used on their body.  If you do have skin sensitivities, please advise me before your session starts so that I may make any changes necessary to accommodate your needs. 

Music:  I offer my clients a compilation of music during their massage session through the streaming music service "Spotify."  If my clients use that service as well, they are welcome to make up their own compilation to be used during their massage if they like.  I can plug their cell phone or mp3 device into my audio system and play their own music for their listening pleasure.

Gift Certificates:  Clients may purchase gift certificates for massage in my office or directly through my website.  If you'd like to purchase one now, just click on the link below:

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Post treatment tips for after a massage...

Due to the release of lactic acid from the muscles during a massage, it is always important to drink plenty of water the next couple of days (at least 8 glasses).  This will help the kidneys to flush the system.  But of course, it is always a good idea to drink plenty of water.

The massage is also helping to stimulate the movement of Lymph out of the body.  The extra water will help facilitate this process.

The extra lactic acid and lymph released from the tissues may cause some slight soreness in the muscles over the next day or two.  While it may seem that this is not a good thing, it is actually a sign that you had a good massage.  It lets you know that the therapist has done their job.  The soreness will subside quite quickly and you should feel substantially better on the second day after your massage.  By then the liver and kidneys have helped to rid the body of the excess lactic acid and lymph congestion.

Soreness should not be confused with pain though.  Everyone's body is different and responds differently to massage.  If you feel "off" for more than 24 hours after a massage please tell your therapist before your next session and the pressure and technique can be adjusted to better suit your needs.

One of the things you can do to help your body relax and release more toxins is to soak in an Epsom salt bath after your appointment or sometime the same day.  The magnesium in the Epsom salt will help your muscles to relax and also help stimulate better circulation to the muscles.  Measure 2 - 4 cups of Epsom salt into the tub and fill tub with hot water to your tolerance.  Soak in tub for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

Sometimes some muscle tension can be caused because you are not getting enough calcium, magnesium or potassium in your diet.  This can be especially true if you lead a very active lifestyle.  Working out burns up a lot of minerals in the body.  It is quite common for most people to be low in magnesium intake.  This is a crucial mineral to help relax muscles and calm the nervous system.  Magnesium supplementation can help in recovery after stressful workouts and also helps to relax the muscles more after a good massage.

Yoga is a great practice for helping to maintain balance in the muscle and skeletal structure of the body.  It helps you to maintain a good body-mind connection and a better sense of balance in general.  Yoga benefits your joints with better flexibility and decreases spasms in the muscles and fascial tissues of the body.  Doing yoga regularly will help you to manage stress better and is great for helping to release the lactic acid from the body after a good massage.  Try doing it the next morning after a massage.  Talk about turning on your Light!!!

One of the best ways to avoid injury is to get in a routine of getting a regular massage.  Make it part of a healthy lifestyle.  You will be more connected with your body and in a better frame of mind.  Who knows, it may even help you get that promotion at your work, all because you start to treat everyone nicer around you because you feel so much better.

If you have any inflammation in an area of the body, it is always a good idea to ice the area after a massage.  The ice will help to reduce the inflammation and calm the nervous system as well.  Make sure to place a warm, wet wash- cloth in between the ice pack and your skin.  This will help to dissipate the cold better.  Also, do not leave the ice pack on more than 15-20 minutes at a time.  You may re-apply the ice pack several times with 30 minute intervals in between applications.

Don't go too long in between your next appointment if you have had an injury.  Pain can become a vicious cycle.  The most important thing to do is reduce the inflammation and increase circulation and range of motion to an area after an injury.  Massage should definitely be part of the equation during the healing process.  It will help to lessen the pain cycle, increase circulation and your range of motion after an injury.  Also, regular massage can help to decrease the amount of scar tissue formed during the healing process.

 Above all, honor the importance of receiving some good healthy touch in your life.  We all deserve it and far too often don't receive enough.  Massage is a wonderful way to give that to yourself.  So call me soon and let me bring some Light into your life...