Donate to the Tarahumara Indians - School supplies needed...

From now until I leave on my trip on Nov. 8th 2019, I will be accepting donations of school supplies (notebooks, pencils, pens, backpacks, coloring books, crayons, etc.)  and money to give to the Tarahumara school children and the food bank in Batopilas, Mexico.  Once my suitcase is filled with school supplies, any remaining cash donations will go to the local food bank.  If you are unable to come to my office, you are welcome to make a cash donation via the link below. Thank you for any help you can give.  I will post photos on my website of what your donations have helped to do for the people of the town of Batopilas, Mexico when I return.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Trip Itinerary:

Travel Dates, November 8th- 17th, 2019:

Expectations of my fellow traveling companions:

  1. You must have a current US Passport with at least 6 months left before it expires.
  2. You must contact me by August 31st 2019 if you want to come on this trip:  All purchases are final.  No refunds allowed after you have commited to the trip (If you have a covered reason, like illness prior to the trip, the trip insurance you purchase may reimburse your expenses).
  3. Solo travelers, couples or friends traveling together are all welcome to come.
  4. I will only be accepting  up to 4 additional travelers for this trip.
  5. All travelers must verify that they have purchased travel insurance (insurance must provide for medical coverage and emergency evacuation if needed) for a quote go to:  or  . This can cost between $40 - $100 dollars per person depending on coverage purchased.
  6. Trip Cost:  $1900 USD per person:  this price can change based on current airfare and hotel fees. (does not include most meals & incedental expenses/gift purchases.  Meals that are included are mentioned in the itinerary below).
  7. Other Costs:  Plan about $20 - $40 per person per day extra for meal & incedental costs (plan according to your eating and  spending needs).  I reccomend getting some mexican pesos prior to traveling.  There will be an ATM available at the Tijuana or Los Mochis Airport that you will be able to withdraw some pesos from.  If you don't currently have the money to do this trip, please do not request to come.  Don't expect myself or other travelers to be your sugar daddy/momma on the trip.
  8. Healthy Adults Only Trip:  I am only offering this trip to my clients who are healthy and capable of walking/hiking (not extreme though).  There will be some hiking involved, so you will need to be capable of walking some distance without  needing help or stopping.  No children allowed, sorry (that means you can't act like a baby either, NO Wah, Wah people).   If you are a complainer, or need everything perfect, then this trip is probably not a good fit. You will need to be able to carry your own luggage (No one will be there to carry it for you - I recommend packing lighter than heavy).  I will be bringing a carry-on bag (I love packing cubes).  See this video link for packing tips:
  9. If there are any couples or friends that decide to come together as long as you are sharing a room, the split cost would be $1428.00 each plus meals and misc. expenses.
  10. The prices I have quoted here are all contingent on current pricing of airfare, hotel, tours, etc. and can change at any time. So if you want to go, book with me sooner rather than later!
  11. Until you have put hard money down there are no quarantees that you have a place on the trip.  Bookings will be made in your name, using your credit card, except for tour bookings.  That must be paid directly to me $325 USD.  Cash or Venmo is fine by me.  If you want to pay me using a credit card that's fine to, only the charge will be $335 USD. No Refunds. 
  12. Videos of the area "Copper Canyon" we will be traveling to:       Copper Canyon & El Chepe Train         Copper Canyon  & El Chepe Train                 Adventure Park Zip Rider                Basaseachi Falls       Map of trip  

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me on my office line: 801-366-9544.                     

Here's the trip itineray:

11/8/2019:   Meet at my house or the SLC airport: Depart Salt Lake City to San Diego:  Fly Southwest Airlines, flight 2206 - departs 10:00 am - lands 11:00 am.   Check into hotel (I haven't booked this as of yet) and spend day exploring San Diego or just resting pool-side or at the beach.  Dinner on your own or together.

11/9/2019:    Have breakfast (not included).  Check-out and be ready to transfer to Tijuana Airport by 7:30 am.  Cross the boarder  thru CBX terminal (enter CBX from U.S. side: )  to get to Tijuana Airport.  Fly from Tijuana to Los Mochis, Mexico.   Volaris Airlines, flight 560:  departs 10:48 am - lands 1:46 pm.   Have lunch in Los Mochis (not included) before transferring to the town of El Fuerte and spend the night at Hotel Posada del Hidalgo - Centro Historico : .   Check-in, you can have dinner on your own or together and explore the town as you wish.

11/10/2019:  Have Breakfast (not included).  Check-out and be ready to transfer from hotel to train terminal by 7:30 am.   Embark El Chepe train at 8:20 am. for ride thru the Copper Canyon to the town of Creel, Mexico, arriving at 3:40 pm.  Train will make stops in towns along the way.    There is a restaurant on the train serving snacks.  You will need pesos to make purchases.  Stops in each town will be approximately 30-40 mins., so you can also purchase food from vendors along the way.  There will not be any wifi service available on the train and probably very limited cell service while in route.   One  suitecase of 55lbs and a handbag  per person are allowed on the train (Be mindful how much you pack, it will be your responsibility to be able to handle your own luggage).  Luggage storage will be at the end of the passenger car your seat is assigned.  

Check into hotel Nov 10 - 12th, 2019 at 4:30 pm.:    Best Western PLUS The Lodge At Creel Hotel & Spa, .  Explore town of Creel the rest of the day on your own.  Dinner on your own or together.

11/11/2019:  Tour of Upper Copper Canyon Area:   Start tour approximately at 9:00 am.  Breakfast on your own.

The Copper Canyon has the best views to the top of the world, in addition there is the extreme adventure park, the longest zip line ZipRider in the world and also the cable car that passes over the entire canyon.

You will have the opportunity to enter a CHEPE tunnel and be at the highest in the world, as you will visit the San Luis de Majimachi viewpoint, the highest of all Copper Canyon

We will also take you to the cave of Doña Catalina, she is a very nice Tarahumara and you will love her treatment because she will invite you to go to her house, live on the edge of the Barranca del Cañon Oteros, she dawns with an impressive panoramic view of the canyons Copper

On the other hand in the adventure park we will give you all the necessary time to perform all the activities from launching from the ZipRider, the circuit of seven zip lines (back to the canyon), or touring the entire canyon in the cable car.  See link for more info:   * Entrance fee and fees for rides in the park are not included in the tour price.  Things you can do in the Adventure Park:

Park Entrance fee per person:            $  20 pesos per person,    Approx. - $1.00 USD

Cable car over the canyon:                   $250 pesos per person,   Approx. - $13 USD

7 Zip lines:                                              $800 pesos per person,   Approx. - $41 USD  Price include cable car return.

Scaling & rock climbing cliff face:  $600 pesos per person,   Approx. -  $31 USD

Ropes course:                                              $250 pesos per person,  Approx. - $13 USD

Zip rider:                                                 $1000 pesos per person, Approx. - $52 USD  Price includes cable car return.

    Duration: 30 min.

    Distance: 2,530 m. on the cable and walk of 800 m.

    Limits: Minimum weight of 99 lbs. and maximum of 264 lbs.

    Additional data: Route 2 to 3 minutes on cable with a length of 2,530 m. and walk of 800 m. with duration of 20 to

    30 min, and speeds of between 80 to 135 km / h

Places you will visit during the tour:

  • -Mirador San Luis de Majimachi (The highest of all Copper Canyon)
  • -Fertility stone
  • -Tunel Chepe
  • -Mirador Rio Oteros
  • -Cueva de Doña Catalina
  • -Mirador of the three Canyons
  • -Mirador Divisadero
  • -Suspension bridge
  • -Moved stone lookout
  • Adventure park (Zipline, cable car, via ferrata)
  • Barranco Restaurant Crystal Floor
  •  Mirador trail walk

11/12/2019:   Tour to town of Batopilas  (Lower Copper Canyon area):

Have breakfast (not included) at hotel and check out by 9:00 am.    

Batophilas:  A small town in the Sierra Madre Occidental on the hill, with many stories to tell ...

The translation of his name is: “encased river”.

To get here you descend on a road on the edge of the canyon where there are many curves, where you can admire a wonderful view. Batopilas was a mining district in the seventeenth, eighteenth to nineteenth centuries, large amounts of silver were produced, today you can admire its squares, old buildings, rock bridges, a river and an aqueduct built in the nineteenth century that formed the silver ruin.

The climate of this magical city is ideal for subtropical vegetation. In addition, it is ideal for adventure sports: bird watching, mountain biking and horse riding.

Places you will visit:

  • -Copper Canyon
  • -Mission of Basihuare
  • -Mirador de la Bufa
  • -Magic town of Batopilas
  • -Colonial Aqueduct
  • -Batopilas Museum
  • -Satevo's lost mission
  • -Hac Miguel Ruined House
  • -Mirador hill 7 floors
  • -New inhabited by Tarahumaras de Doña Petra
  • -Arareko Lake
  • -Fall of the fungi
  • -Fall of the Frogs
  • -Valle of the Monks
  • -Jesus Jesuit Mission
  • - Jesuit Mission of Cusarare
  • -Cusarare waterfall
  • -Moyola Museum
  • -New inhabited by Tarahumaras Sebastian

Check in to Hotel Canyon Riverside Lodge located in Batopilas, Nov 12th - 13-th:  Have dinner on your own and relax and explore Batopilas on your own the rest of the day.

11/13/2019:  Continue tour of Batopilas and Lower Copper Canyon Area:   Have Breakfast (included) and check-out of hotel by 9:00 am.  After  finishing tour return to the town of Creel and check back into  Best Western PLUS The Lodge At Creel Hotel & Spa.  Maybe have a massage.  Dinner on your own or together.  Explore Creel more and make any final  gift purchases.

11/14/2019:  Transfer tour to the city of Chihuahua, Mexico:  includes Basaseachi Falls (2nd highest in Mexico), Mennonite farms.  Have breakfast (not included) and be checked-out and ready to go by 9:00 am.  Start  tour to Basaseachi falls.


This transfer will start in Creel and along the way we will take you to the second highest waterfall in Mexico, Basaseachic. Here we see all the viewpoints and we can descend if you decide.  The height is  260 meters (853 feet) high.

We continue to the Mennonite fields, here we visit museums, colonies, cheese factory and Mennonite gastronomy ... Lunch will be on me!

Finishing these two incredible tours we continue with the transfer to the city of Chihuahua.

Places you will visit:

  • -Basaseachic waterfall
  • -Baseaseachic front viewers
  • -Watch View
  • -Basease Basic waterfall
  • -Mennonite fields
  • -Mennonite Museum
  • -Mennonite Traditional House (Cookie House)
  • -Mennonite Chemistry
  • -Colonia Mennonite
  • -Mennonite restaurant

Check into the Quality Inn Holel, Chihuahua, Mexico Nov 14-16th, 2019:

11/15/2019:  Explore the centro district and city of Chihuahua.   Have breakfast (included)  and be ready to go by 10:00 am.   Have lunch together.   Dinner on your own or together.

  • Explore centro district of Chihuahua
  • Quinta Gameros Mansion/Museum
  • Cathedral of Chihuahua
  •  Historical museum of the Revolution
  •  Parque Metropolitano Presa el Rejon - walk/ride bikes around park
  •  Basilica de Chihuahua 
  • afternoon and evening to shop and explore on your own

11/16/2019:  Shop/Explore more of City on your own & afternoon wine tasting at Bodegas Pinesque winery  (if you do not drink alcohol, you are welcome to join us/sans alcohol or stay in Chihuahua and explore on your own.  Meeting back up with us at the hotel later):  

Have breakfast (included) and  be ready to check-out at 11:00 am.  We will leave luggage with hotel.  Morning is open for you to shop or explore more of the city on your own.   Meet back up at hotel at 12:30 to go to winery.  Have tour of Bodegas Pinesque winery and do a wine pairing and tasting menu - 3 hours.   Return to  Quality Inn to retrieve our luggage and head to the airport at 6:00 pm.  Fly from Chihuahua, Mexico to  Tijuana, Mexico.  Volaris Airlines, flight 473, departing at 8:32 pm. - landing at 9:43 pm.  Cross back over to US. side of the border via CBX Bridge and transfer to hotel in San Diego.   Too late to make a flight from San Diego to Salt Lake City this evening.  I have not booked a hotel in San Diego as of yet.

11/17/2019:  Fly back from SAN to SLC:  Have Breakfast (not included) and be ready to check-out of hotel at 11:00 am.  I plan to explore San Diego some more that day and transfer to the airport around 2:00 pm.  The flight I have booked direct from San Diego to Salt Lake City is on Southwest Airlines, flight  5556:  departing SAN at 4:25 pm - Landing in SLC at 7:20 pm.  There is an earlier Southwest direct flight that departs San Diego at  9:25 am and lands in Salt Lake City at 12:15 pm. that you can book instead.  Arrange for your own pick up at the SLC airport or you are welcome to do an Uber with me from the airport to my house and drive home from there.