Massage and Colon Hydrotherapy

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Cancellation Policy                                                                    

Cancellations, or changes to scheduled appointments, must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, you will be billed for the full cost of service as a cancellation fee. 

The same fees apply for missing an appointment. You are financially responsible for ALL appointments you book on the online scheduling system.

If you are not comfortable using the online booking system and are unwilling to assume the risks of your errors please do not use it to schedule appointments. You are always welcome to call me at 801-366-9544 to book your appointments.

Be sure to include and verify your correct email address in the online scheduling system to ensure that you receive all appointment confirmation, modification and cancellation emails. Reminder emails, as well as reminder calls, are a courtesy and whether or not you receive them you are still liable for appointments that you make. After you make your first appointment, be sure that you are receiving emails from the online scheduling system. For your benefit please make sure that they are not being rejected by your SPAM software or being filtered out of your inbox for any reason.

By using the online scheduling system and/or my services you authorize me if you miss an appointment to send you an email invoice for missed appointment(s) which will be due and payable upon receipt.

Due to the complexity of scheduling, you cannot use the online system to cancel, or modify an appointment during the 24 hour period prior to the appointment start time.  Please call 801-366-9544 to speak with me live.

Turn On Your Light!

Colonic Salt Lake City, Utah health through a colonic, enema, and colonics, high enema, colon hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation, or colon irrigation will detoxify and cleanse toxins for the colon.  Stress in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Bountiful, Provo, Park City, Tooele, Layton, Brigham City, and Logan, UT (Utah) are increasing rates of IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  InnerLight Massage and Colon Hydrotherapy massage, as certified colon hydrotherapists offer leading edge and alternative detoxification and pre / post surgery techniques to help support medical needs through detox cleansing, intestinal fortitude support, parasite cleanses, and more.  Areas of focus include colitis, bloating, gas, flatulence, crohn's disease, colon cancer, cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, bone cancer, tumors, fasting, and liver, gallbladder, pancreas, bile, abdomen, abdominal, intestine, intestines, intestinal, parasite, parasites, parasitic, toxin, toxic, raw, food, raw food, and mucus. Massage Salt Lake City, Utah relaxation through Swedish Massage, Deep-tissue Massage, Reflexology, Neuro-muscular massage, shiatsu, and accupressure.  Massage by Chad helps to increase range of motion in joints, decrease back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches.