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I am so happy you found me. InnerLight Massage and Colon Hydrotherapy is the premier location for massage therapy, and colonic services in Salt Lake City, Utah. A colonic is also referred to as a colon cleanse, high colonic, colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy. Please take your time to explore the site and learn more about me and the work I do. If you have any questions or feedback, use the contact link above or call me at 801-366-9544. As with many of my satisfied customers over the years, I hope you find the experience of working with me relaxing, educational, inspirational and most of all rejuvenating. Best wishes of health to you and yours and please come back often.


Chad Hosler, LMT     

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Hours of Operation:

Monday 1 pm - 7 pm
Tuesday through Friday:  10 am - 9 pm
Saturday:  10 am - 6 pm
Sunday:  closed

To book appointments outside of normal working hours listed in my online schedule, please call me directly at: (801) 366-9544.  An additional fee will be applied to these appointments.

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Colonic Salt Lake City, Utah health through a colonic, enema, and colonics, high enema, colon hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation, or colon irrigation will detoxify and cleanse toxins for the colon.  Stress in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Bountiful, Provo, Park City, Tooele, Layton, Brigham City, and Logan, UT (Utah) are increasing rates of IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  InnerLight Massage and Colon Hydrotherapy massage, as certified colon hydrotherapists offer leading edge and alternative detoxification and pre / post surgery techniques to help support medical needs through detox cleansing, intestinal fortitude support, parasite cleanses, and more.  Areas of focus include colitis, bloating, gas, flatulence, crohn's disease, colon cancer, cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, bone cancer, tumors, fasting, and liver, gallbladder, pancreas, bile, abdomen, abdominal, intestine, intestines, intestinal, parasite, parasites, parasitic, toxin, toxic, raw, food, raw food, and mucus. Massage Salt Lake City, Utah relaxation through Swedish Massage, Deep-tissue Massage, Reflexology, Neuro-muscular massage, shiatsu, and accupressure.  Massage by Chad helps to increase range of motion in joints, decrease back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, arthritis and headaches.